About me

 Jaime Vigaray 

Sports Science and Physical Education Degree
(Universidad Politécnica INEF,  Madrid 1997).
Level 3 Swimming Coach (1998). 

Level 3 Triathlon Coach  (2000).

My experience:

 Endurance Coach : running , swimming, cycling , etc.
Strength Coach for Team Sports (basketball , football , etc)

Overall Fitness , Weight loss, etc.

Sports advisor.

Sports events organiser (Triathlon and road running events).


Since I was a child I was involved in sports. Skiing , football , running or tennis were my main activities.

But my passion (and curiosity) for sports took me to practice many of them :
15 x Ironman triathlon , open water swimming , mountain biking, trail and ultra running , ski touring, water sports , rock climbing , judo, etc .

Nowadays you will see me outdoors , either running , climbing  or skiing up the mountains .


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